DB Lampman

I Am an Exponent of Myself Performances 2010-2011

 "I Am an Exponent of Myself." 

I Am an Exponent of Myself  is a multi-media performance art piece in which I assemble a large sculptural installation in front of an audience and hoist myself up into the center of it via a chain hoist, so that I become part of the sculpture. The sculpture is made of large steel, fabric, and plexiglass sections that have words such as love, duty, guilt, ecstasy, agony, and fear written on them.  Each word is illuminated with a light and has a hook in the middle of it. . I wear a costume that has hundreds of extensions on it with hooks on the end of each. After I raise each section of sculpture up into the air, I then hoist myself up into the center of the installation and attempt to hook the tentacles to each panel. As I do so, the words light up until I am completely strapped inside the sculpture and the whole installation is illuminated. As the performance progresses, a soundtrack plays that consists of layers of my voice repeating the words that are seen in the installation as well as phrases such as, One day, I discovered that I could multiply and divide myself simultaneously”  or “I am an exponent of myself.  The phrases are layered so that the spoken word is also multidimensional.

"I Am an Exponent of Myself" was featured in Forward Motion Theater's ReVision performance series

at The Tank theater in Manhattan on March 11 & 12, 2011:


The piece was originally conceived to be performed in an industrial space and was presented as part of "Summerfest 2010" funded by The Council for the Arts and Humanities of Staten Island (COAHSI)with support from the New York Council on the Arts and the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.




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